Roland MT32 Emulator AudioUnit

Download for 32-bit hosts

Download for 64-bit hosts

Source code

MT32 Emulator AudioUnit is a MacOS X AudioUnit instrument wrapper for the
munt Roland MT32 MIDI Synthesizer Emulator 

The AudioUnit instrument lets you use the MT32 Emulator as an instrument in any OSX audio
software that supports AudioUnits, such as GarageBand, Logic or Ableton Live. 

Installing and using the component

The AudioUnit component requires the MT32 roms, which are not distributed here
for legal reasons. You can easily find them by searching for "Roland MT32 roms".
Once you download the roms, place them under /Library/MT32 as


To install the component, place muntAU.component under either




After that, an instument named MT-32 Emulator should become available
in your music software.

The AudioUnit property UI should have controls for volume, instrument,
reverb on/off and reverb gain available.